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Europe’s largest ETF merchant enters crypto money market


According to a Bloomberg report, Europe’s largest ETF has entered the crypto money field, although merchants, regulators, consumers and institutions are encouraged not to buy or sell digital money.

This company is nothing but Flow Traders, an Amsterdam-based stock exchange trading company with a market value of $ 1.5 billion.

The company has already started its first ET and Bitcoin based ETN transactions. XBT Provider, a company that exports crypto ETN in Sweden, said the Dutch company has significantly increased its securities over the past few months.

Dennis Dijkstra, CEO of Flow Traders, said, “People are buying crypto money. The crypto moneys are big and they will be regulated very soon. Market participants are much more professional than people think. Corporate investors are interested – we know that because we are receiving demand. ”

The Dutch company traded $ 284 billion in ETF globally in the first quarter. For Europe this figure is $ 166 billion, which makes the company the largest securities trader in the region.

The crypto money market is particularly attractive for companies that make and sell algorithms, because these companies make the most money, the highest volatility at the highest markets.

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