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What is cloud mining? How to do it? Safe cloud mining sites And Scam sites

With the explosion of bitcoin prices cloud mining has attracted the attention of the majority of the cloud mining.However, in fact, what is cloud mining? , how to do it ? ,there are questions such as profitable or reliable.I will answer these questions in my writing and share the trustworthy and cheatful ones of the sites.

As you know, if you were mining from your desktop computer in 2012 , now you will probably have millions and you will be reading this article.However, in 2018 to do mining with a normal computer, it would be unprofitable to set up a facility based on the electricity prices in this countries, which may not be very profitable.These problems bring us to the mining of the cloud.

What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining is actually a system we simply buy from a mining farm,you will be partnered with this contract for a certain period of time.In a way,you might think of buying shares from the manufacturing operation.For example, if you deposit $ 100 on the site , you rent a portion of the company’s production power for a certain period of time because of this.Since there is a contract in your hand, you do not have to keep your computer open all the time,The mining company that you have the contract , run the Asic miners for you and your share will pay the falling bitcoin or any crypt money to your account.

Burada aklımıza şu soru geliyor ki:

“If Bitcoin mining is profitable, why sell this service to us and divide their profits”

This question is of course we are all asking because the mining market is known to be cheating.The answer can be summarized as follows,Firstly the company meets the short-term liquidity with your money and invests more.it is easier to take advantage of the economics of scale because it invests.At the same time, there is a risk of exchange rate because these companies are on Bitcoin, so if Bitcoin’s value is lowered it could be a bad result because it could cause harm to this company. The company will split the risk you are getting by selling your contract.

In the contracts you rent, you have to buy the hash rate from the site and your coins will be loaded instantaneously, daily, monthly according to the site.

How to do cloud mining?

The important question for us is this.Site selection is important to us because dozens of sites are opening and closing every day, and the ones that are closing cause investors to sink. I have done research for you, I have tried to distinguish the sites according to their reliability and profitability. However, as I said, the researches I have done on these results are not conclusive, so I will not make you a cheater on my site, just to protect you from the risks.

Here is the list:


HashFlare: Known as the most reliable cloud mining firm. What you need to pay attention to is the daily fee, so you can not make much profit if you take it in low amounts.
Click here to become a member.

Genesis Mining: Employees are also making the site trusted to share their accounts.One advantage is that a lot of Coin contracts.
Click here to become a member.

CCGmining: You can calculate your profit by clicking on “profit calculator” after you become a member.

Click here to become a member.

Things to keep away

Except for the above, most sites are not reliable. However, I think that they are ponzi, that is, happiness chain:

E&E Mining  , 5 Star Mining   , Hash55.com , MinerGate

Crypterra (closed and now re-opened with x-mining, but withdrawlara does not allow it, so I’m not sure)

Space Mining , MinerGate


I advise you to stay away from sites that are 1% higher than your daily incomes investment. Especially when you see those who guarantee ROI (investment self-release period) in 10 days. Only cloud mining sites are purchased from sites you are sure to trust.

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